14 August 2009

Leavin on a jet plane

Cavafy says, make your journey to Ithaka a long one. So I will- I'm saving Ithaki for another time, and going home. I accomplished and learned so much more than I expected already. My thesis topic was so broad when I got to Greece, and like I hoped, it has been narrowed down. And the part that was narrowed was Ithaka. I feel ready to get back to the states and back to school; I can't imagine setting out on another adventure. I made some great contacts here, so my in-Greece research will, in a sense, continue as I start to actually write my thesis this year.

Thanks for helping me get here, thanks for the support, and thanks for reading.

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S B Tamare said...

yes you can do whatever you want !

its my mistake i am watching as i wish!