02 August 2009

Day 1 - 2/8/09

Imagine the daylight slowly fading, like dye spreading from a garment into the washwater. There are the sounds - of the radio of a passing car, honks of a moped, quick conversation from the square, yelled conversation down an alley - so constant you know you are in a city even with your eyes closed. And through it all the slightest breeze when you least expect it, cooling you when you had almost called it too hot, too humid, and taken yet another cold shower in the 4x4 bathroom. This is Athens as we wait, confused and tired by too much plane travel, for it to get late enough for us to eat. We'll wait till it is truly dusk, walk through the square full of tables under the trees, down a side street to a familiar taverna, where our first Greek meal awaits us.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful :)