10 July 2011

Nemea and Kenchreai

We went to Epidauros but I have little to say on it. It was brutally hot and they don't let you sing in the amphitheater anymore. It is amazing the first time but I felt a little jaded due to the heat. Read Henry Miller for  a good romanticized description of the site.

Temple of Zeus at Nemea

We went to Nemea and had a good tour by the Director of the site, and did the obligatory class race in the stadium. It felt home-y, since we lived in Isthmia for a few weeks in 2008 training for the revived Nemean games. It felt even weirder going to the beach at Kenchreai, and passing the sign for the Kalamaki Beach Hotel on the way. I waved at it.

above and below: submerged foundations at the Kenchreai beach

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